• when mother nature has an attitude
  • StormVector AWS
  • StormVector Emergency communication system
  • ThunderBolt handheld lightning detector
  • ThunderBolt handheld lightning detector
  • ThunderBolt handheld lightning detector
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The Best Lightning Detection System Just Got Even Better!
introducing 3D lightning detection from TBI

Wireless. Real-time. Easy Installation. Affordable.
An Area Warning System for Storm & Lightning Detection
and Security Threat Notifications ALL IN ONE!

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X1 Model Thunderbolt storm & lightning detector
ThunderBolt® Handheld
Storm & Lightning Detector
ThunderBolt® Storm & Lightning Detector is the most advanced hand-held lightning detection device in the world. Count on reliable storm information in REAL-TME from the palm of your hand with the ThunderBolt®!

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mother nature has many moods
Mother Nature has Many Moods.
When Mother Nature's mood turns dark and clouds form be prepared to read her mind with your ThunderBolt® Storm & Lightning Detector! In any situation, we take the guesswork out of storm safety.
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